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Montessori Education, Offering an Individualized Learning Approach

Ensure your child receives the best education possible. Enroll your child in Montessori Children's House of Blue Springs and they will prosper from the individualized learning approach we offer at our school. Visit us in Blue Springs, Missouri, to learn more about a Montessori education and how it can benefit your child.

Enrollment Process

We currently offer a enrollment process for students and parents. It includes a tour of our facility, and watching children learn and play. First tour is with the parents and then we make an appointment for another tour child. During that tour, we sit down with your child to get to know them better and begin working with them to gain a better understanding of their personality and unique needs.

Our Curriculum

Montessori Children's House of Blue Springs teaches a variety of subjects, offering children a comprehensive introduction to many areas of learning. Subjects include:
Practical Life: The children develop independence, concentration, coordination, self-esteem, social awareness, classroom orderliness, and intellect through everyday practical means.
Sensorial: We help the children develop their senses; understand and classify things in the environment through detailed and accurate knowledge; and increase their verbal skills.
Math: We teach basic understanding of numbers, symbols, and quantity leading to the process of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to the children. We use a hands-on method that eventually evolves into a more abstract approach.

Language: We focus on a phonetic, concrete, and hands-on approach, which progresses to unaided reading and writing. We help the children increase their vocabulary, classify objects, and isolate sounds. In addition, we provide them with an understanding of the importance of communication through words.

Science: Children gain an appreciation and sense of responsibility for the earth. They explore the many aspects of nature through the classification of plants and animals, gardening, field trips, and real-life experiences. In addition, they develop an understanding of how all living things relate and interrelate.

Geography: Children learn about our solar system, planets, the earth, the seven continents, North America, the United States, Missouri, and Blue Springs.

Art & Music: Children create their own works of art. In addition, each month, we discuss and listen to a particular composer and style of music, from Bach and Mozart to swing, opera, and dance.
Contact us to enroll your child in our Montessori school and watch him thrive!